3 things I’m loving in July

Realised I haven’t posted for a little while, in the midst of writing a couple of big posts so keep your eyes open, while you’re waiting thought I’d give you a nosey at 3 things I’m loving this month

Beauty product

Doll lashes by doll beauty

I recently discovered doll lashes and I’m not complaining, they are really good quality, easy to apply and can be used up to 20 times, the ones I use are called holly b, I like my lashes to look natural but dramatic at the same time, not too separated but not clumpy and to fall upwards and I can say holly b ticks all these boxes

Clothing item

My cropped white denim jacket

This jacket is so sassy, I couldn’t help but take a selfie in it, it’s £25 from Lasula boutique

Place to go

Issho, Leeds

If you live in Leeds, you’ll know the Victoria gate shopping centre, upstairs there is a Japanese restaurant and bar with a rooftop terrace that goes by the name of Issho, I recently visited with a friend and I can say their cocktails are not just good but really good, because we were stuck for choice whilst reading the menu, the bartender offered to make one up specially for us, mine had gin, vodka and tropical fruits then the next one I ordered was called Issho twinkle and that tasted pretty yummy too, I’m yet to try the food but that is next on my list