Does your eye keep streaming? Here’s the one product you need that will stop this from happening, thank me later

It’s hay fever season which means watery eyes!, watery eyes can also be caused by other things such as a blocked tear duct, allergy to a product or just if your eyes are a bit dry, I also find in winter when it’s really cold outside, my eyes always water and it’s a pain when you’ve blended your eyeshadow to perfection and it all gets ruined or you’ve slayed your contour then you’re left with a massive tear stain down one side of your face but there is a problem solver, the magic product is Mac matte creme, a mattifying cream that acts like a powder and is commonly used to reduce the appearance of shine and this is what it looks like simply apply the product underneath your lower lash line (not inside your eye) while doing your make up and it will block the tears from running and your hard work won’t get spoilt (Mac artists use it on clients if their eye is streaming) and it will prevent your eye from streaming throughout the day too, believe me it’s a life saver, can be bought at your local Mac counter or online at